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Approved Amazon AWS SES 50K Account

(8 customer reviews)


Amazon SES Approved Accounts
50k sending limits per 24 hour period.
Max Send Rate: 14 emails/second.

Buy 2 accounts and you will be given a free account with 50k limit.

8 reviews for Approved Amazon AWS SES 50K Account

  1. irfan_pak10

    required information is delivered

  2. shimakun


    Already bought an account he is a trustworthy seller, trying the account now and im gonna give you updates later

  3. letusprayee


    Got mail, will order for again, Thanks

  4. Raze999


    taken 1 account from him, quality is good

  5. theghostok


    Purchased. Looking forward!

  6. dustinallen0071

    nice service, i want to give a try

  7. Reechealo03


    Logged in without problems, i will buy now 2 more.

  8. capt_moroni


    Price is fine here, before i paid $300 for same account, i recommend to everyone

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